Anteris Web

A little bit of history

Anteris Web was created in the late 1990' as a single person effort to save the Email-side of the world.

It was perceived, that comercial companies are on the way to take over all of the email accounts of the Internet citicens, and this would

The proposed recipe against big Internet data silos, as they are called today, was to create a scalable system, built uniquely upon Open Source Software, find a nice domain name and build a global comunity of operators who would operate an Anters Web site in each country and host millions of individuals.

The features of the Anteris Web platform were:

We even went for video/audio messaging!

There was the idea, to finance operation with either user controlled advertisment for free accounts, or a paid opt-out. A marketplace - access/subscription to adverters - preferably local ones was envisioned.

Today we can seen lots of companies operating similar business models. We are proud to have them invented before them, even if we never have made it to work for ourselves.

What is Anteris Web now

We still own and operate the cute, unique seven letter Internet Domain Name '', which none of our users will ever learn to remember.

We run a small Webhosting business, over at MagmaSoft and use still exclusively Open Source Software for our servers.

For our friends and family, we maintain mail boxes under the '' subdomain for free. None of them has skills or need for instant messages, less for video/audio chat. They are happy to benefit from low spam rates though.

If you are living in Austria and need a free mailbox, you can become a friend of us and we'll set one up for you. If you are a good friend already, living in another country, and in a dire need for an '' Email address, well: contact us at and we will see what we can do for you.

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